Voltomic is a young, ambitious company located in beautiful Rosenheim.

We manufacture products of high quality in our workshop near Rosenheim. There, we produce plywood volumes/Voltomics of high quality, volume holds, wall structures, surface coatings of all sorts, plywood climbing panels, structures, boulder walls, custom build volumes and many more things.

Our volumes, in particular, became popular within a very short period of time. Due to the systematic cooperation of experienced climbers, professional  route setters, owner of climbing halls as well as, of course, excellent craftsmen, it was possible for Voltomic to establish a creative, wide-ranging, functional series of volumes of high quality on the market.


Voltomic’s wall elements allow you to enter a new dimension of climbing. Route setters will have totally new possibilities to construct climbing- and bouldering routes on pre-existing walls with little variety. With the help of a single volume or a combination of several volumes, it is possible to create a completely new shape of the wall fast and comfortably: This allows creating new, creative routes and offers the customer a maximum amount of variety.

Our top priorities:

High quality standards

Satisfaction of customer requests

Quickest possible delivery

all volumes correspond to DIN EN 12572.

Voltomics stands for quality:

Voltomics produces structures for climbing- and bouldering walls exclusively made of birch plywood of high quality. All volumes are glued and screwed together – this guarantees a maximum of durability. The sophisticated drilling grid will be equipped with screwed T-nuts.

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