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Volumes, holds  and boulder walls from Bavaria.

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Voltomic´s wall structures literally open up a new dimension of climbing and bouldering. Route setters are going to have totally new possibilities to construct routes on pre-existing walls with little variety. Individually or in combination with several volumes, a completely new wall shape can be designed quickly and easily: Voltomics enable fresh creative routes and provide the customer a maximum of variety.

Mulde / Quader / Snakes & Corners.

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Arrows / Diamonds / Pentagons / Asymmetrics & Gimmics.

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Spheres / Bigs / Bigmics.

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Possible variations.

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The advantages of Voltomics are obvious:

Benefits for the route setter

  • Simple modification and expansion of a pre-existing climbing wall
  • More possibilities because of a denser arrangement of T-nuts
  • Being able to use existing climbing holds in several ways
  • Adjusted route planning for different climbing techniques
  • Durable Voltomic special coating prevents contamination and excessive abrasion

Benefits for the climber

  • Artificial climbing walls become more realistic
  • More change and fun while climbing
  • More variations and motion sequences due to demand and level-oriented route planning
  • Voltomic special coating for better grip

Benefits for the owner of the climbing centre

  • The construction of new climbing- and bouldering walls will be easier and cheaper with the help of Voltomics, expensive structured walls are no longer a must.
  • Voltomics reduce the use of huge, expensive climbing holds
  • Pre-existing walls can be restructured and redesigned for little money

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Voltomic distribution.

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Walls & Assembly.

You tell us what you want to use your climbing- or boulder wall for and we create a concept which is suitable for your needs.

Voltomic Volumes

Boulder walls (indoor and outdoor)

Climbing towers and jungle gyms

Climbing walls for kindergartens, schools and municipalities, Climbing walls for your own cellar, your attic, garage, etc.

Panels for climbing walls